Building Group

The backbone of Minardos Group, the Building Group delivers a superior product to clients through strong and methodical management. Minardos Building Group Project Managers and Superintendents are experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds in many types of projects. Because all of the firm’s projects are unique, a standardized project delivery method is essential. Accordingly, the consistency of the Minardos Group process includes maintaining a high standard of communication, attention to detail, plus respect and ethics of excellence throughout. The firm’s standard project management includes:

  • Detailed Project Work Plans completed prior to construction start
  • Safety program
  • Full project management systems including weekly site meetings and the industry’s leading communication tools
  • Full-time supervision on site
  • Schedule Controls
  • Quality Controls
  • Risk Management

Consulting Group

Led by professionals who are highly experienced in both building and design, the Consulting Group offers comprehensive planning services and intelligent analysis of all Minardos Group projects. A commitment to a strong and all-inclusive pre-construction process led by the Consulting Group distinguishes Minardos Group from its peers.

Pre-construction services include the builder’s review of site selection, program intent and project feasibility, along with cost and schedule targets. The service provides detailed budget studies, ongoing cost estimates and determinations of value—that is, whether the right dollars are being spent in the right places, given the project’s goals.

This process aims to achieve three major goals:

  • Cost and time savings during construction
  • Full project team alignment with the project mission
  • A comprehensive plan for a smooth and timely construction process

Pre-construction consulting adds value to the project through:

  • Risk identification and mitigation planning
  • Full project scope definition
  • Constructability enhancement
  • Identification of cost-saving opportunities
  • Facilitation of a smooth and timely construction start up

Development Group

Minardos Development Group works in two capacities. First, the Group acts as a builder for developers; and second, as the developer itself.

Development projects have a unique set of design, financial and timing requirements during the planning and construction stages. Having completed several projects as the developer, Minardos Group is uniquely positioned to offer development clients superior consulting and building services. The Development Group works with several strategic partners to transform properties into distinguished buildings within the community, carrying Minardos Group’s signature of timeless building through each project.

The Development Group works with partners and clients to:

  • Obtain financing
  • Analyze risk
  • Determine hard and soft costs
  • Analyze site for desirability and building feasibility
  • Research City and Agency regulations on site development to facilitate building and land use permits

Estate Care

Minardos Group manages its clients’ building projects from design to post occupancy, delivering a variety of additional services for the life of the structure. The firm recognizes that many of today’s contemporary residential buildings have systems that rival commercial buildings, calling for a high level of care and maintenance. The Estate Care Group caters to the needs of owners by offering a range of post-occupancy building care services as well as complete management of additional projects and building maintenance, including:

  • Additions and renovations
  • Systems upgrades
  • Whole house and systems maintenance
  • Sustainable systems installation (solar panels, on-site water harvesting, etc.)
  • Pool equipment maintenance

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