“There aren’t many builders in LA that can take on the types of projects that Minardos Group does.”

– Brian Werdesheim, Owner’s Advisor

“Over ten years later, we are still very happy with our building. We get TONS of compliments. It is standing the test of time.”

– Deborah Wettstein, CFO, Indian Paintbrush Productions, LLC 

“Minardos Group gets the vision right from the get-go and never questions it. This is a unique trait of this team – they never suggest compromise on the vision.”

– Grant Kirkpatrick, FAIA, Founding Partner, KAA Design Group

“The challenges of residential projects are quite different than commercial and institutional ones. It is important for us to have someone like George who we can rely on to go back and forth between both of these worlds.

– Frederick Fisher FAAR, AIA, Partner, Frederick Fisher and Partners 

“The Georgina Residence is a very complex and challenging building, and George and Brett made it so easy. When issues come up, they just don’t make a big deal of it. They suggest solutions and approach all problems with a ‘we’ll work it out together’ mentality.”

– Denny Kwan, SE, Principal, Holmes Structures

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