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“Authentic architecture with spiritual and balanced qualities requires rigorous planning and relentless attention to detail by the builder and craftsmen” – George Minardos


Minardos Group is dedicated to producing buildings that are unique, elegant, cleanly executed and intelligently detailed—each bearing the mark of superior craftsmanship.


We continually improve our product, services, and delivery efficiency through the pursuit of intelligent alternatives to both traditional building methods and business practices.


By building outstanding design that lasts, Minardos Group strives to leave a legacy in our community.

Our Services

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The backbone of Minardos Group, the Building Group delivers a superior product to clients through strong and methodical management.

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Led by professionals who are highly experienced in both building and design, the Consulting Group offers comprehensive planning services and intelligent analysis of all Minardos Group projects.

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Minardos Development Group works in two capacities. First, the Group acts as a builder for developers; and second, as the developer itself.

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Estate Care

Minardos Group manages its clients’ building projects from design to post occupancy, delivering a variety of additional services for the life of the structure.


Indian Paint Brush wins Los Angeles Business Council Renovation Award

Indian Paint Brush wins Los Angeles Business Council Renovation Award

Minardos Group is proud to announce winning the Renovation Award  at the  Los Angeles Business Council. Barton Meyers Associates, Inc. is the Architect. The entertainment office is a reconfigured 1960s warehouse in Santa Monica’s Industrial Corridor and serves as a...

Museum of Flying Cleared for Takeoff!

Museum of Flying Cleared for Takeoff!

The Museum of Flying opened  Saturday, February 25, 2012. Minardos Group  teamed with architect, Rick Solberg of Solberg Associates to transform a former warehouse into the current Museum building.  The Museum of Flying features extensive exhibits and displays on the...

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