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“Authentic architecture with spiritual and balanced qualities requires rigorous planning and relentless attention to detail by the builder and craftsmen” – George Minardos


Minardos Group is dedicated to producing buildings that are unique, elegant, cleanly executed and intelligently detailed—each bearing the mark of superior craftsmanship.


We continually improve our product, services, and delivery efficiency through the pursuit of intelligent alternatives to both traditional building methods and business practices.


By building outstanding design that lasts, Minardos Group strives to leave a legacy in our community.


“Mostly, Minardos Group handles challenges without us having to be too involved. They welcome them. They kind of thrive on that sort of thing…They are very good problem solvers and were all over the solution. That’s what you want in a contractor.”

– Deborah Wettstein, CFO, Indian Paintbrush Productions, LLC

“They get an ‘A’”

– Romie Chaudhari, Georgina Residence Owner

“Minardos Group is our go-to because we know we can depend on a good process and result.”

– Frederick Fisher FAAR, AIA, Partner, Frederick Fisher and Partners

“They are particularly adept at the countless challenges that are the nature of custom construction, be they related to materials, sequencing, permitting or client demands. I think they kind of thrive on this. They are set up and geared up for it. They expect challenges, and handle them really, really well.”

Grant Kirkpatrick, FAIA, Founding Partner, KAA Design Group

“Minardos Group is our go-to for everything from maintenance and small projects to multiple expansions. It’s been an amazing experience all the way through.”

– Deborah Wettstein, CFO, Indian Paintbrush Productions, LLC 

“Their communication is excellent. They worked really well with the architect, making building a smooth process. I was impressed with how they navigated challenges including big design changes and Covid. When something came up, they offered possible solutions. They always had an answer.”

– Romie Chaudhari, Georgina Residence Owner

“Experience, expertise, capability, integrity, transparency, and communication are words I would use to describe this team. The people around Minardos Group view them as highly ethical and highly competent.”

– Brian Werdesheim, Owner’s Advisor

“Once the job was finished, they were consistently available. Most builders don’t do this, and they have been really good at it.” 

– Romie Chaudhari, Georgina Residence Owner

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R&D Yountville Opens

R&D Yountville Opens

R&D Yountville is open for business and is doing a brisk business. More photos and info here.

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