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Project Manager

Position Objective:

The Superintendent’s role is to be the jobsite leader. The Superintendent proactively coordinates and controls the daily activities on specific projects to ensure that the project plan is properly executed and company standards are properly implemented. The Superintendent ensures that schedule and quality requirements for the projects are met.

Desired Business Skills & Knowledge:

  • Basic business communication and writing skills.
  • The ability to work exclusively in a field office environment.
  • Detailed knowledge of construction work, layout, operations, and constructability issues.
  • Thorough understanding architectural drawings, structural, civil and mechanical engineered plans and specification documents.
  • Quality control process understanding and implementation
  • Computer literate in Windows applications, Outlook (email) Word, Excel, & Master Builder
  • Estimating methods and plan take-off.
  • Degree in construction management or related field or equivalent experience
  • Field construction experience as a tradesman or Superintendent for a minimum of 7-10 years.
  • Must have thorough understanding of OSHA safety requirements
  • Working trade knowledge in site work, concrete, interior finishes, mechanical and electrical
  • Excellent interpersonal, organizational and teamwork skills
  • Experience in anticipating and resolving field issues, excellent leadership and organizational skills a must
  • Ability to supervise and manage all phases of construction
  • Experience & ability to work with City Building officials, owners, architects, engineers, and subcontractors
  • Attention to detail at every stage of the process.
  • Customer/client satisfaction

Summary of Responsibilities:

1. Leadership

  1. Provide daily leadership to further the mission of the project.
  2. Daily, weekly and monthly planning to promote execution and limit risk

2. Field Operations

  1. Daily field supervision. Coordinate all subcontractor, vendor, in-house labor and weekend work.
  2. Preparation of daily reports, time sheets, safety logs, equipment rentals and cost coding
  3. Coordinate city inspections, deputy inspections and engineer observations
  4. Responsible for maintaining and organizing field office
  5. Manage the construction and permit set of plans. Update accordingly with SK’s, RFI’s and revisions.
  6. Must be fully knowledgeable of applicable building codes
  7. Manage and update drawing for MEP trades

3. Project Plan

  1. Actively participate in creating and updating the Project Plan. This consists of reviewing and commenting on the scope statement, submittal schedule, control schedule, risk register, quality control checklist, control estimate and cash flow.
  2. Participate in Consulting Group services for new projects regarding constructability, scheduling, budgeting and vendor selection

4. Communication

  1. Use appropriate communication at all times to all people
  2. Prepare and distribute daily and weekly progress reports to project team, Building Group Manager and President
  3. Prepare for and actively participate in internal weekly action planning meetings and the weekly owner/architect meeting
  4. Proper company representation to prospective clients

Schedule Control

  1. Use the schedule as a tool to promote proper production cadence.
  2. Perform Client & material scheduling
  3. Participate in the creation of the control schedule
  4. Responsible for maintaining project schedule and create schedule mitigation plan to offset delays or labor shortfalls
  5. Coordinate schedule updates, and status the schedules as the work progresses. Track schedule issues daily and send bi-weekly update to scheduler.
  6. Participate in monthly schedule presentation to owner
  7. Prepare detailed short interval schedule (SIS) on a weekly basis and submit to Project Manager and Building Group Manager
  8. Create and update Live SIS schedule at project office on a weekly basis
  9. Proactively manage Building Department inspections

Quality Control

  1. Thorough knowledge of Minardos Group quality standards and the specific milestones and standards that apply to the given project.
  2. Post upcoming quality control milestones and coordinate subcontractor and Minardos Group resources to meet the milestone. Schedule and conduct milestone jobwalks with Building Group Manager and Project Manager in a timely and effective manner.
  3. Thorough understanding for the submittal process. Push for submittal approvals. Ensure that vendor and subcontractor work complies with submittal prior to work being executed at site.
  4. Continuous physical inspection of all work performed to ensure standards are being met and construction is adhering to plans and specifications.

Document Control

  1. Must have a thorough understanding of all document control processes including SK’s, RFI’s, Change in Scope, Submittals, Coordinate RFI’s issues and updates with PE.
  2. Able to locate needed information at all times.

Cost Control

  1. Estimating, Bidding & Buyout:
    1. Perform quantity surveys for estimates as required for buyout.
    2. Meet with Subcontractors on site to review site issues affecting pricing.
    3. Prepare scope for PE to issue as RFP to vendors
    4. Review and approve subcontracts prior to issuance.
  2. Budget and Billing Processing
    1. Review and signoff on vendor invoices for conformance to project specifications and quality.
    2. Assist PM in tracking and updating cash flows, budget reports and contingency usage
    3. Anticipate and identify changes to the scope and communicate accordingly in order to enable prompt decision making.
  3. Assist in the preparation, information gathering, and distribution of vendor change order documents
  4. Assist in the preparation and distribution of prime contract change documents.

Subcontractor & Vendor Management

  1. Thorough knowledge of the scope to be performed by subcontractors and vendors.
  2. Enforcement of subcontract provisions and ensures compliance with plans and specs, safety, quality control procedures and standards
  3. Daily communication with Subcontractors through calls and meetings.
  4. Weekly planning with Subcontractor foremen for week’s activities and schedule management.
  5. Actively mitigate subcontractor disputes

Risk Management

  1. Act as the onsite Safety Officer. (See Safety Officer job description)
  2. Thorough understanding of safety requirements
  3. Maintain a clean and orderly jobsite
  4. Ensure safety records and documentation are readily availably and up to date
  5. Conduct weekly jobsite safety meetings and forward meeting notes to Safety Manager
  6. Ensure that proper safety precautions and equipment are available and in place to protect persons and property
  7. Conduct safety interviews and orientation with all venders and Minardos Group labor who enter site

Project Closeout

  1. Work towards a zero punch list throughout the project.
  2. Actively coordinate and manage vender closeout and punch list execution.
  3. Obtain certificate of occupancy and / or final building sign off.
  4. Record and maintain as-built drawings

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